Tire Rack – The Largest Online Tire and Wheel Store

tirerack.com tire cover

Tire Rack is the biggest self-sufficient tire-tester and direct authority for tires, wheels and auto performance accessories in the U.S.  It has a sales team of more than 90 text drivers who conduct tire tests on every major tire manufacturer on their modern, 10-acre test tract.  The results of the tests are posted on their website, www.tirerack.com, to help customers decide on what tire, wheel or auto performance accessory to purchase.  Their website also features different informational and testing videos found in the Video Center page.  Since it was established in 1979, the company has developed from a retail store in Indianapolis to six distribution centers all over the U.S. covering more than 1.8 million square feet of space...

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4WD 2014 Special Deals

4wd banner

The 4WD.com online portal is the ultimate destination for those looking for top quality deals on a host of products for the 4WD and other off-road vehicles.  The online 4WD parts and accessories merchant stocks a diverse array of products under several categories such as those for armor and protection, body parts, roll cages, brakes and steering parts and accessories, bumpers, 4WD doors and door accessories, engine performance parts, differentials and many others.

Almost all of the leading brands for the off-road parts and accessories are represented here such as Smittybilt, Bestop, WARN, Pavement and Rugged Ridge amongst others. Shopping on the 4WD.com platform comes with several advantages and offers several price advantages for customers...

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XRC Bumper Package

XRC Bumper Package

Smittybilt just outdoes themselves at times.  We already know that they are the company that is the embodiment of the Great American Dream.  We also know that they make the best, toughest and most rugged Jeep parts and accessories on the market here or anywhere.  It doesn’t matter what part of the Jeep it is for, if it will go on a Jeep then Smittybilt makes it.

We could sit here and talk about the different parts and accessories that are made by Smittybilt all day and neither get tired of it nor run out of parts and accessories to talk about.  However, I am sure that you have a busy schedule so we will keep it short, sweet and to the point.

We will talk about the XRC bumper package today.

Smittybilt XRC Bumper Package

XRC bumpers are made to have both approach angles of a high degr...

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How to Remove the Jeep Fenders

remove jeep fender flares

Whether you are using the ABS-manufactured Jeep fenders or the numerous options available in the aftermarket, the fender flares might require occasional removal for maintenance and repair purposes so as to keep them in top shape. This is a process that can be quite challenging for the less technically-inclined owners without any experience in Jeep maintenance. In such cases it would be advisable, to hire some professional help to assist you with removal and installation of the fenders. For the more technically-inclined owners, here is a simple step by step procedure which can be used to remove the Jeep fenders:-

Step 1

Start by removing the turn signal lamps attached on the fenders...

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Customizing Your Jeep with Custom Seat Covers

jeep seat covers black

One of the main advantages of the seat covers for Jeep is that you are able to choose seat cover designs and materials which correspond to your very individual needs. There are very diverse categories and options to meet your preference. This applies to material choices, colors, designs and even budget considerations. There are several paths that you can take to obtain a customized look for your Jeep vehicle using the seat covers. You may begin by shopping around the internet so as to get your desired designs. Buyers can also make custom orders for the Jeep seat covers. Here are a few steps which you can follow so as to acquire your desired seat covers.

Choose the seat cover brand

There are numerous brands in the market which make very appealing Jeep seat covers which will add a personal ...

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Wrangler Parts on Display Nationwide

silver jeep wranglerThere are many outstanding accessories available to enhance your Jeep Wrangler and suit your needs. The Bestop Supertop will provide the right amount of protection from bad weather such as rain, snow, hail, and sleet. For bumpers and grill protection, Smittybilt offers a vast selection of Wrangler parts. These include Predator Series front and rear Jeep bumpers, Grille Savers, and Ultra Bar Sports among others. Among the best tires and wheels for off-roaders’ Jeep Wranglers are the BF Goodrich All Terrain, BF Goodrich G Force, Pro Comp Wheel and the Pro Comp Extreme. BF Goodrich is one of the most trusted brands in America and Pro Comp wheels offer premium quality and style.

Bestop Supertop

This vehicle shields the drivers and their passengers from the elements of Mother Nature (e.g...

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Trials and Triumph: The Work to Maintain Good Automatic Transmission


The automatic transmission feature in automobiles in the early 20th century was a great revelation for drivers. It was a welcome alternative in the 1900s to the stick shift vehicles that always seemed to keep one hand occupied. The constant changing of gears was too much for the minds of some drivers to bear. Automatic transmission served as sort of a luxury that enabled drivers to concentrate more on their pedal action and steering wheel involvement.

As the years passed, the stick shift became more prevalent with high performance and high speed cars. But automatic transmission still proved to be the great option for the sedan and more leisurely, slow travelling drivers...

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KC HiLites: The Leading Off-Road Vehicles Auxiliary Lighting Brand

KC HiLites is one of the top suppliers off-road lighting accessories for the global market. The company manufactures a wide range of lighting accessories for 4WD vehicles. It was founded in 1970 to meet the shortage of auxiliary lighting equipment for vehicles, particularly those used in off-roading activities. There are several kinds of auxiliary lighting that is produced by KC HiLites such as fog lights, daylighters, utility LEDs, ATV UTV off-road lighting,  LED bones and many other innovative lighting devices.

KC HiLites Auxiliary Lighting

KC HiLites Auxiliary Lighting


Daylighters were the first type of auxiliary lights that were manufactured by KC HiLites. These lights are particularly helpful for those off-riders who are racing in the dark. These come in several designs...

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Top Nerf bars Brands for specific purposes

westin nerf barsNerf Bars are important for the SUVs, be it for safety, convenience, security or for the good looks. Nerf Bars have revolutionized its way to popularity within the last few years and are used in nearly all the SUVs that we see in the streets. Either they are pre-installed, or they come in packages that you need to install it for your own. There are a lot of Nerf Bars available in the market and here are some of the most significant ones.

  • There are a lot of Nerf bars, but if you are going to install a Nerf Bar in your car and if you are willing to keep that for a long term basis, there are certain brands you need to look for, Like Nasta, Stull, Westin, BAK, ATS, Lund etc.
  • If you own a mid or a full-sized truck, Nerf bars will simply look the best...
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Different Types of Tonneau Covers

tonneau coverDifferent Types of Tonneau Covers

If you are planning to purchase Tonnneau covers in the current marketplace, there are lots of options and technologies currently available to suit your needs. Most Tonneau cover manufacturers are currently making more products to suit every make and model of your truck. Innovations in the Tonneau covers means you can now purchase different kinds of covers with various configurations and which are manufactured using different kinds of materials such as metals, fibreglass and vinyl. Based on these configurations and the materials used in manufacturing them, there are various types of Tonneau covers including the roll-up Tonneau covers, the folding covers, the retractable covers and the hinged Tonneau covers.

Roll-up Tonneau Covers

As the name suggests, the...

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